10-4 is redefining the future of freight execution with intelligent Supply Chain Visibility that delivers real-time visibility and streamlined communication.

Our software connects shippers, carriers, brokers, and 3PLs with smart data that reimagines the transportation process.


Intelligent Supply Chain Visibility

Manage all of your shipments in a single portal

• Freight Portal’s interface gives you and your customers shipment visibility

• Filter your shipments by delivery date, destination, or SKU for pro-active exception alerting

• Easily share important information and updates internally and with your customers

• Gain additional transparency to minimize inbound customer calls

Optimize your network

• Automatic status updates provided from multiple sources

• Notifications on shipments on time, running late, or in jeopardy

• Set alerts for weather and traffic congestion

• Customize views based on users and their roles in your organization

10-4 Mobile

Get real-time location tracking on our lightweight app that provides:

• Status Notifications

• POD uploads

10-4 Mobile

Performance Data Reporting

• Use the 10-4 dashboard and analytics for data mining and reporting

• Improve carrier performance by managing SLA’s with your data