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    10-4 Systems, Inc.
    Integrate. Automate. Move MORE Freight!
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    Easy Dispatch - Real Time Visibility - Document Management
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    10-4 Marketplace
    The First and Only Real-Time Transportation Marketplace
    Connecting Carriers, Brokers, and Shippers.
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    Manage Your Fleet for FREE!

The 10-4 Mission.

We help you focus on YOUR BUSINESS...NOT tedious data entry.

10-4 Systems integrates with your existing TMS.

Connect with Carriers, Brokers, and Shippers to move more freight!

Carriers...No TMS? No Problem!

Connect via NonStop and NonStop Mobile!

Meet Our Executives

Travis Rhyan

President & CEO

A well-seasoned logistics professional with a “mild” technology addiction. Travis is a self-proclaimed travelholic and adventurist who has been to more countries than Baskin-Robbins has flavors. Although he’s not a Colorado native, he got there as soon as he could.

Gordy Ferguson

Vice President of Sales

Reserved, shy, and introverted are no way to describe this sales expert.  Gordy loves a good steak, shots of Jager, and fast snowmobiles (but then again, what else is there to do in Michigan?).  Brokering freight is in his DNA.

Joseph Klida

Chief Technology Officer

Joe doesn’t always manage databases, but when he does, he listens to EDM.  Those that know him, know there are two Joes; Wintertime Joe and Summertime Joe.  Craft beer and outdoor gear are his most obvious obsessions.

Matt Fuller

Vice President of Operations

Matt has a successful track record of software implementation & customer support across North America and South America. This retired adrenaline junkie now focuses on flawless customer support. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, Matt developed a green thumb that is perfectly suited for Colorado.

Our suite of products

10-4 Marketplace

Live real-time data, pre-qualified freight matches, customizable filters. Communicate with Shippers, Brokers and Carriers. View market analytics, compare freight density, create preferred networks, make it your market. THE Ultimate Competitive Advantage!


Our NonStop product lets you post and remove trucks, track and trace your trucks on a live map, negotiate online, and view qualified freight matches with your business partners in real-time! Search for loads, truckstops, and more! Small fleets can manage your Assets, Drivers, Customers and Orders with NonStop, for no extra charge!

NonStop Mobile

NonStop Mobile, is how you stay connected with your drivers. Communicate via messaging, capture documents, update shipment status, capture fuel data, and more. Owner Operator? You can also post and remove your trucks, track and trace on a live map, negotiate online, and view qualified freight matches! Search for loads, truck stops and more!

NonStop Premium

Manage your fleet, Orders, Customers and more. Track and trace on a live map. View POD's and Invoices online. Communicate with your Drivers from anywhere! Get rich business analytics, Driver Scorecards, Tractor and Trailer Utilization, Fuel Tax Calculators, ERP Integration, all you need in one spot. NonStop. Premium.

Get ALL of this with NonStop Premium!

Watch Our Videos. Learn More.

10-4 is for Carriers

10-4 is absolutely free for Carriers!

10-4 is a community exchange where Carriers interact with Shippers and Brokers, share data live, and keep track of their trucks.

10-4 is for Brokers

Not Just a Loadboard!

10-4 was designed to better connect you with your Carriers and expose you to additional Carriers in real-time.

10-4 is for Shippers

Tie in Your Existing Partnerships

Our proprietary and patented technology automatically pulls your open loads and matches them to available trucks in real-time.

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